The objectives of InSusAgri are to design specific training activities in order to:
a) Improve sustainability of marginal rural communities supporting agroecological farming
b) Increase farmers competitiveness by providing knowledge to control animal diseases
c) Identify solutions that can be mobilized locally by stakeholders, ensuring self-sufficiency (i.e. exploiting locally available resources)
d) Promote inclusion and equal opportunities for people with difficulties in different areas of personal and social functioning
e) Provide new learning and career opportunities in agriculture-related activities for low-skilled adults from vulnerable social groups


a) local individuals already engaged in animal farming activities

b) local individuals who wish to become farmers and wish to receive training.

c) local stakeholders, agronomists, animal scientist, veterinarians etc. who will be trained in the principles and methods of agroecology and sustainable entrepreneurship and will empower local key actors, to apply innovative methods and promote sustainable entrepreneurship activities in agriculture.

d) adults that face social exclusion due to personal and social difficulties as well as mental health challenges.


InSusAgri will provide:

  1. a toolkit for integrating sustainable practices in agriculture and animal farming
  2. training material for local VET providers to enhance entrepreneurship of vulnerable social groups as part of a social inclusive approach
  3. a hands-on experiential experience of the target groups through the organization of an exchange visit.
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